Pure Natural Fabric

Aurganik Quality

Quality & Processes

We adhere to the high environmental & quality standards at every stage of our production processes. Our team has rich experience in textile industry, as they keep quality assurance norms at the forefront of the manufacturing process assuring high class qualitative organic textiles.

Organic Fabric

Aurganik Fabric is pure organic and  your step towards adding an eco-friendly line to your existing clothing line. It is your proactive step to be ahead of trends as organic fashion is the next biggest trend in the apparel industry. Its your brand’s chance to contribute to the environment & human well-being

Natural Colors

We believe that colors add charm to your persona & we ensure that, only fabric dyed in 100% natural or eco-friendly extracts touch your radiant skin. Our fabrics are dyed with goodness of turmeric, madder, pomegranate, myrabalan, beetroot etc.

Human Aura

Aurganik = Aura + organic

Every living thing on earth radiates a field of energy, which is it’s aura. Aurganik improves the physical aura by balancing the 7 energy centres or chakras of the human body.

"Aurganik is your first step towards sustainable living..."

Recent Exhibitions

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Feb 15, 2012

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